Stolenspace Gallery

The Client:

Stolenspace Gallery exhibits a genre of work that has been variously labelled as ‘Underground Art’, ‘Street Art’ or ‘Urban Art’. Their stable include well known artists such as D*Face, ROA, Shephard Fairey, Miss Van & Jeff Soto. Now in their eleventh year StolenSpace continues to let the life-giving vitality of this environment that has long been overlooked by traditional galleries.


The Project:

Stolenspace Gallery approached us to see if we could help them to modernise their old website (which was already 5 years old) and rejuvenate their image archives. Due to the sheer number of shows and artists that they work with meant that they had a huge archive of images and data that wasn’t being utilised or being seen by the general public. They also needed a solution that could help them to merge their inventories to speed up processing times.


The Solution:

Get New Design designed a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. The user-experience was a very important factor to consider as any loss of interest/cart abandonment would have a negative effect on their business. We implemented Woocommerce to handle the website shop and integrated their POS system with it, in order that they could be synchronised with each other and save the Stolenspace staff’s valuable time manually updating databases. We also held several workshops with the staff to make sure they knew how the site should be managed and maintained properly.


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