Kataoka JNEI Therapy

The Client:

Noboru Kataoka graduated from the Kyoto Butsugen Medical College of Acupuncture and is nationally certified in acupuncture, shiatsu, and Anma massage. After being greatly impacted by the positive effects of joint dysfunction treatment methods and coming into contact with theories based on the most advanced medicine, he began studying the treatment. After 10 years of working experience in the British chiropractic institute, he opened ‘KATAOKA JNEI THERAPY AND ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC’ in 2015, where he uses his own method ‘Kataoka JNEI Therapy’.

The Project:

Get New Design was commissioned to produce & design his website, prior to his solo show in New York in October 2014. Conor wanted a very minimal but clean design that wouldn’t overshadow his beautiful artwork. The website had to be designed and launched in a very short amount of time in order to coincide with the launch of his largest show to date.

The Solution:

The website design was both visually striking and well laid out. Viewers are able to find his variety of work with ease and therefore user functionality is at its most efficient and effective. The website is fully responsive and looks great on all devices. Get New Design also provides a robust and scalable web hosting service for Conor Harrington. The site was also developed as dual language (Japanese & English)- essentially combining two sites into one.





Branding, Website