RBPM Book Promo

About This Project

The Client:

Risk-based Performance Management (RBPM) is a strategic execution methodology developed by Andrew Smart which provides an integrated view of performance and risk, enhancing strategic execution through improved management discussions, decision-making and action-taking. The Risk-based performance methodology was developed to enable clients to meet the challenges of implementing BASEL 2 (AMA) and Sarbanes Oxley alongside performance management and other management information processes.

The Project:

Get New Design were chosen to produce RBPM’s promo videos for their RBPM Book launch. The authors of the book wanted to create something unique for their viewers and potential readers in the financial world. The requirements were that the video had to be cinematic but not detract from the fundamental points of the video- which was to spread awareness about the new book that was going to be launched on Amazon by publishers, Palgrave Macmillan.

The Solution:

As this video was also going to be added to Youtube, it was imperative that the script would be simplified enough so that someone who had no concept of RBPM would still be able to get their heads around it. Therefore the decision was made to create two videos- One specifically to talk about the book and the other to go into more detail about the overall methodology. Get New Design created a narrative and storyboard that was approved by the authors of RBPM. The shoot was organised over two days in three locations and the post-production was able to give the videos a real sense of tension and drama, whilst also remaining informative.


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